Saturday, July 25, 2009


KP 21- yellow sunny
Sold to Masiyoi!

Merci Biatch Bible for featuring yellow sunny!!

KP 22- white sophea
Sold to Yanie!

KP 23- greyish oldish
Sold to MisSue!

KP 24- brown seasoned polka
Sold to Aaina!

KP 25- smokin' black
Sold to Mas!


KP 28- grey velvety
Sold to Masiyoi!

*Reviewed by Fashionista In You..Thank you munchkin*

KP 29- checkered grey
Sold to Diyana!

KP 30- black&white classy
Sold to Nadya!

This lovely diva skirt deserved to be reviewed..Thanks again Biatch Bible.

KP 31- dots on retro
Sold to Fazrina!

KP 32- orangey missy
Sold to Anna!


**kalerpalette fav pick**
KP 33- toned tie-dye

Sold to Mas!

KP 34- grey flowery maxi
Sold to Jiafoong!

KP 35- bluesy squared
Sold to Kima!

KP 36- artsy maxi
RM 28
Fits UK8-UK10
Reserved for Hnzah

KP 37- blue highness
Sold to Ina!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Muchas Gracias Muchachas!!


We're updating our 3rd Palette but before that, we would like to say Thank you to all muchachas out there for visiting,supporting and most importantly purchasing our items.Although we're tempted to own some of the items for ourselves (as there's only one piece for each items)..our priority is you my dear customers.So be alert for our next updates..and this time we have a "only-one-week-display" item...surprise..surprise.. :) Have a wonderful day!!xoxo!!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

METRO-VINTAGE- 2nd Palette, New Updates!


Presenting our second palette, the Metro-Vintage collection......




KP 9- colorful checkered
Sold to Wan!!

**Biatch Bible featured this piece..merci beacoup

KP 10- white office
Sold to Aaina!!

KP 11- blue ruffles

Sold to Aaina!!

KP 12- brown zippery
Sold to Moi!!


**kalerpalette top pick**
KP 13
- yellowy artistic
Sold to Sofea!!

*This work of art reviewed by Biatch Bible...oh and Fashion Register too..superb!



KP 14- black flowery
Sold to Arfah!

KP 15- grey checks
Sold to Kooky!!

KP 16- blackie classy
Sold to Natasha!!

KP 17- brownish folks
Sold to Akiss!

KP 18- off-whitish
Sold to Aubrey!

KP 19- purples n pinks
Sold to Ellie!!

KP 20- bright checkered
Sold to Kooky!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

They loved us..what about you?

Ahh..another review by new review blog; BiatchBible..we love them already..thanks darling :)