Monday, August 8, 2011


Hello Munchkins,
To all my Muslim friends, Kalerpalette wishes you Salam Ramadhan, although its been a week, its not too late to wish. Soo..let us recap what has been going on here. Its been 2 weeks after the The Vintage Market event..Have we told you how awesome it went? Really, we had so much fun as it was our first participation in such event. The weather was fine,though it was raining, but raining The other vendors were truly wonderful and pretty cool. It was one great experience we wouldn't want to trade. Here are some pictures we took during the event!

Besides Kalerpalette Vintage clothing, we managed to venture with our sister Yati from doodledsgn in making the lovely Vintage Dresses inspired-bookmark and also Ida for the Hand-painted frames (which we will bring into kalerpalette one day) after all, we here at kalerpalette highly appreciates arts and design. Oh,look at those Candy buttons-we made it ourselves!!

Some of the awesome vendors. Above is the bubbly and cheerful Zima from Tangerine Loft and below are lovely girls from Indonesia.

Here are some the pictures of the girls behind Kalerpalette, the customers and one famous fashion blogger Mas Angelina from The Wardrobe. For those who came and purchased from us, a very deep appreciation goes to you, to all the vendors, hope to meet you guys again. Also,thanks to Nadja from The Vintage affair and Sammy for hosting this wonderful event. Can't wait for the next event! Mmuuahhxx!