Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet Sugary Vintage- 4th Palette

KP 38- greeny dots
Sold to SY!!

KP 39- black supreme
Sold to Baby!

KP 40- whitey ruff ruff
Sold to Hanizah!

KP 41- soft beige
Sold to Lissa!

KP 42- pink in paris
Sold to Zima!

KP 43-white darlene
Sold to Nur!

KP 44- bluey stripey
Sold to Lissa!

KP 45- blues baby
Sold to As!

KP 46- black gaga
Sold to Ellie!

KP 47- strippin' vee
Sold to SY!


KP 48- brown agogo
Sold to Bong!

KP 49- red santa
Sold to Anna!

KP 50- mix tetris
Sold to Masiyoi!


KP 51- black big dots
Sold to Nazuha!

KP 52- green sync'
RM 30
Fits UK10-UK14

KP 53-red checks
Sold to Haslina!

KP 54- olive lacey
Sold to Bong!

KP 55- stylo blacko
Sold to Dea!

KP 56- jumble bumble
Sold to Zima!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4th Pallete Soon

Dear all ladies..we are currently updating our 4th palette..Truthfully,we can't wait to show our latest vintagey-ish tops,dresses n skirts..this time we bring more colors into the sceneee..please be hold but stay alert!! Lots of love from Kalerpalette**flying kisses**