Monday, November 22, 2010

Heart Beating Colors

Ola Me Chickas,

Me missed u so so much..Hey, do check out this latest collection of ours. We love love them so much, we want to share the love with all of you gals. Feel the edginess? the groove? the rare vibes? yes, its us! Go ahead and choose your favourite cant wait to send it to you..mmuuahhxx!

Kookoo Kalerpalette

Saturday, November 20, 2010


KP 270-Paisely Grey Finito
Sold to Fharina!

KP 271-Wild Layered Brown
Sold to Fyan!

KP 272-Thickish Blue
Sold to Jaa!

KP 273-Red Indian Feast
(Brand:Guy Laroche)
Sold to Zue!

KP 274- Fins Fibre Blue
Sold to Fyan!

KP 275-Cream On Que
Sold to Jaa!


KP 276-Lili's White Lace
RM 30
Fits Up to UK12
(belt not included)

KP 277-Miranda Brown Sunday
Sold to Amelia!

KP 278-Orange Autumn-mistic
Sold to Liza!

KP 279-Paris Pinkish
Sold to Qaseh!

KP 280-Fellow Garden
Sold to Fitri!

P/S: model styled by stylista Ajie from s.a


KP 281-Holy White Theater
Sold to Moi!

*kalerpalette's fav*
KP 282-Jadore Le' Cream
Sold to Grace!

KP 283-Black Birdies
Sold Out!

KP 284-Orange Picnic
RM 36
Fits UK8-UK12

KP 285-Crackin Green
Sold to Aleefa!

KP 286-Corky Black
Sold to Ajaa!

KP 287-Baby Pinkish
Sold to Fish!

KP 288-Belley Brown Button
Sold to Jaa!

KP 289-Black Renderer
Sold to JY!

KP 290-Cut Out Black
Sold to Ezrin!

KP 291-Grey Elley Run
Sold to Ng!

*kalerpalette's fav*
KP 292-Batik Brown Wow
Sold to Najah!

KP 293- Blues of Susannah
Sold to Mimi!

KP 294-Pink Paisely
Sold to Nurayn!

KP 295- Black Pond
Sold Out!