Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall in Classic Moment

Dear Sweethearts,

We feel thrilled knowing that a lot of gorgeous ladies asking us to update as frequent as we can.So here we are,afraid of letting them and you down, presenting our 13th Palette. We have pretty cool and unique vintage numbers which are simply adorable to be worn on weekend outings or even dinner with loved ones.Just an idea, of cos you vintage lovers know better! Have fun and be happy!!



KP 250-High Street Black Blazer
Sold to Cat!

KP 251-Vain Blue (Brand:UNIQLO)
Sold to Raihanah!

*kalerpalette's fav*
KP 252-Brown 'Batik' Dream
Sold to Bella!

KP 253-Bobby Brown
Sold to Ashley!

KP 254-Baby Blue Navy
Sold to Liana!


KP 255- deep blue berry
Sold to Izatul!

KP 256-clumsy white dots
Sold to Shara!

KP 257-deadly red roses
Sold to Iya!

KP 258-blue lace manners
Sold to Tasneem!

Featured in Vintage Affairs!

KP 259- turquoise poise
Sold to Siti!

KP 260-orange in desert
Sold to Rahainah!

KP 261-black allure
Sold to Aini!

KP 262- bronzing polka
Sold to Patricia!

KP 263-ol' folk grey
Sold to Nyna!

KP 264-soft purple bloom
Sold to Nurul!

KP 265-smooth whitey blues
Sold to Patricia!

KP 266-rockin' black native
Sold to Tangerine!

KP 267-hot chilly redness
Sold to Ashley!

*kalerpalette's fav*
KP 268-wild blue traveller
(Brand:Liz Clairborne)
Sold to Ashley!

KP 269-blessing maroon
Sold to Zureena!

Thursday, October 14, 2010



P/S: Do check out our sister's site doodledsgn, she's born in October as well!!