Monday, February 8, 2010

Its time for some tasty Vintage Meals

Hello again ladies & ladies..first of all, we do not want to come out with excuses for posting this entry a bit late..but please bon appetit Mesdemoiselles..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tops & Blazers

KP 129-earthy browns
Sold to Hanizah!

KP 130- falling floras
Sold to Yusra

KP 131- purplish people
Sold to Nisa!

KP 132- green queen
Sold to Mooshy!

KP 133- quite white & KP 134- retro bang
Sold to Wen Chin! (KP133)
Sold to Yoda!


KP 135- black track lace
Sold to Zima!

KP 136- red celebrates
Sold to Rachel!

KP 137- downtown brown
Sold to Hazirah!

KP 138- blossom maroon
Sold to Feeqa!

**Kalerpalette's fav choice**
KP 139-
black retreat
Sold to Farah!

KP 140- jenn's happy yellow
RM 34
Fits UK8-UK12
(belt excluded)

KP 141- splash that purple
Sold to Rachel!

KP 142- quirky boxy
Sold to Sheila!

KP 143- blue elly grey
Sold to Didi!

We personally love this often do you see elephant prints on a dress? The Vintage Affair loves us too!!

The Vintage Affair

KP 144- plot the dots
Sold to Reena!

KP 145- bleu gallery
Sold to Wani!