Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sassy Season Vintage- 6th Palette

KP 82- red sheetah
Sold to Zima!

KP 83- grey buh-tics
Sold to Natasha!

KP 84- fly fly butterfly
Sold to Anna!


KP 85- lack black stripe
RM 25
Fits UK8-UK10
(belt excluded)

KP 86- mini black polka
Sold to Nadhea!

KP 88- hot checkered
RM 25
Fits UK8-UK10

KP 89- sweet wild black
Sold to Wen Chin!

*looks better if you wear it with vest*
KP 90- yell out brown

Sold to Shaliza!

KP 91- formal greyish
Sold to Shishka!

KP 92- groovy blue
Sold to Juju!

KP 93- deep maroon ruffles
Sold to Shiffa!

KP 95- chillin' whitish
Sold to Ida!

Monday, November 30, 2009


KP 96- cream lady lacey
Sold to Raihanah!
(*ignore the tummy..)

This is actually one of my fav..the color is cream suits to any skin tone..n this piece of precious reviewed by my favourite source of Vintage Line..from The Vintage Affair

The Vintage Affair

KP 97- while in green
Sold to Hazirah!

Are you wild enough for this print? Reviewed by The Vintage Affair..thanks luv

The Vintage Affair

KP 98- stripey bleuy day
Sold to Zura!

KP 99- black fun-tion
Sold to Daisy!

KP 100- bloom flowery lace
Sold to Wen Chin!

KP 101-sweetie pie
Sold to Hasnur!

6th Palette People!!!

Yes,yes..we know..its been quite a long silence since we last updated.Wait no more, coz we're back in business baby!! 6th Palette throws you splashes of colours to match your style.Plus dont forget to check out our previous Palette as there are still available Vintage hot items for you to grab!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blissful Blazing Vintage- 5th Palette

KP 57- glaring black
Sold to Kay!

First ever Blazer in Kalerpalette been reviewed by awesome Fashion Clicks and Fashion Register!! Love u guys!!




KP 58- sexay grey
Sold to Masiyoi!

KP 59- fun funny dots
Sold to Raihanah!

KP 60- grey batwings
Sold to Hazirah!

KP 61- checkered yellow
Sold to Marcella!

KP 62- puffy white
Sold to Kikoo!

KP 63- red whizzy
Sold to ET!

KP 64- blushing blue
Sold to Nur!

KP 65- black scheme
Sold to Yanie!

KP 66- maroon country
Sold to Moi!


KP 67- slim stripey
RM 25
Fits up to small UK12

Reviewed by Fashion Register :)

KP 68- bold beauty black 1
Sold to Ikee!

KP 69- bold beauty black 2
Sold to Nur!!

KP 70- retro dish
Sold to Patricia!

Reviewed by Fashion Register :)


KP 71- sheer red
Sold to Ellie!

You go dress!! Style2.Info and Chamber of Style feature you in their blogs!!

KP 72- peeping nicole
Sold to Kuzen! (thanks cuz!!)

Reviewed by Fashion Register :)

KP 73-cheeky green
Sold to Masiyoi!

KP 74- olive tribal
Sold to Lisha!

KP 75- mummy green
Sold to Iya!

Again,reviewed by Fashion Clicks!!

KP 76-brown meets black
Sold to Raihanah!

Reviewed by Fashion Register :)

KP 77- artsy gallery
Sold to Natasha!

KP 78- grey hearties
Sold to Natasha!

**kalerpalette's top pick**
KP 79- flaming greene

Sold to Farah!

KP 80- decent dots
Sold to Amalina!

Reviewed by Fashion Clicks!!..thanks guys..


KP 81- flower flowy
Sold to Zima!

Ooh La La, this one too has been reviewed by Fashion Clicks!! Thanks love!