Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rock & Roll Down at Vintage Town

Dear Lovers of Kalerpalette,

We here presenting you our latest palette! As usual we bring you vintage culture of ours to be worn on any special day of yours. Have fun with Kalerpalette girls..




KP 232- rock d' black
(soft & quite stretchable material)
Sold to Lissa!

KP 233- fussy green
Sold to Siti!

Yup! They love us!!

KP 234- furry fuchsia
Sold to Nadia!

KP 235- red riding rock
Sold to Anna!

This red bold top somehow catches their attention! Thanks guys!

KP 236- squares in red
Sold to Didi!

KP 237- blue seduction
Sold to Adriena!


KP 238- forever maroon
Sold to Afzan!

KP 239- blacklites fiesta
Sold to Fharina!

KP 240- vanishing cream
Sold to Julia!

KP 241- brown beautiful
(kalerpalette's fav!!)
Sold to Julia!

Oh're just one lucky girl.. :) This lovely number has been reviewed.

KP 242- black & geo
(kalerpalette's fav!!)
Sold to Fharina!

Thanks Vintage Affair and Fashion Clicks for the review!
The Vintage Affair

KP 243- flare dare purple
(soft & sheer material,elastic waistline)
Sold to Didi!

OMG! This dress has been awesomly reviewd by Fashion Clicks,,Thanks babes!

KP 244- golden green
Sold to Shatirah!

Align CenterKP 245- graceful blue
Sold to Baby!

KP 246- red charmer

KP 247- bend it brown
Sold to Afzan!

KP 248- greeny granny
RM 25
Fits UK10-UK14
(belt not included)


KP 249-High Waist Black Pants
RM 40
Fits UK6-UK10 (XS-S only)
Reserved for Hanizah

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Updates Soon

Hola Ladies,

We missed us..How about u? First of all, we hope it is not too late to wish " Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" to all our Muslims friends..we're still in the mood aren't we? Now its time for open houses, gatherings,BBQ-ing,etc..(care to invite us? :P) You know what we like about this season? People actually do get fancy to attend these events..Its really awesome to see Girls wearing cute and gorgeous 'baju kurung' or 'kebaya' or even other cool casual attires.Guys with their 'baju melayu' and handsome shirts.Here's an about be different and dress Vintage to these events? Wait for our update soon this week..we have classy and kalerful selections of vintage attire wearable for your upcoming events!!