Saturday, September 12, 2009


KP 71- sheer red
Sold to Ellie!

You go dress!! Style2.Info and Chamber of Style feature you in their blogs!!

KP 72- peeping nicole
Sold to Kuzen! (thanks cuz!!)

Reviewed by Fashion Register :)

KP 73-cheeky green
Sold to Masiyoi!

KP 74- olive tribal
Sold to Lisha!

KP 75- mummy green
Sold to Iya!

Again,reviewed by Fashion Clicks!!

KP 76-brown meets black
Sold to Raihanah!

Reviewed by Fashion Register :)

KP 77- artsy gallery
Sold to Natasha!

KP 78- grey hearties
Sold to Natasha!

**kalerpalette's top pick**
KP 79- flaming greene

Sold to Farah!

KP 80- decent dots
Sold to Amalina!

Reviewed by Fashion Clicks!!..thanks guys..


KP 81- flower flowy
Sold to Zima!

Ooh La La, this one too has been reviewed by Fashion Clicks!! Thanks love!