Sunday, January 3, 2010


*the white ruffles are detachable*
KP 108-
audacious black
Sold to Zima!

Click!click!..we've been reviewed by Fashion Clicks!

KP 109- serene purple
RM 35
Fits UK8-UK12
(belt excluded)

KP 110- orange frenzy
Sold to Azreena!

KP 111- black attack
Sold to Juwita!

KP 112- country checks-in
RM 35
Fits UK10-UK14
(belt excluded)

KP 113- tender blue
Sold to Chung!

KP 114- alluring green
Sold to Wen Chin!

KP 115- stay gray
Sold to JY!

KP 116- dots outrage
Sold to Akiss!

They love us....thanks Fashion Clicks..

*the white lace neck is detachable*
KP 117-
meryl beige
RM 40
Fits UK8-UK14

KP 118- pink bow
Sold to Zura!

KP 119- silly brownies
Sold to Liana!

This baby found a place in Fashion Clicks..thanks love!

KP 120- white bean green
Sold to Lisha!

KP 121- missing forest
RM 34
Fits UK8-UK12
(belt excluded)

KP 122- blackish bizarre
Sold to Wen Chin!

KP 123- brown dessert
Sold to Hameedah!

KP 124- glamorously red
Sold to Afzan!

KP 125- olive steve
Sold to Rachel!

KP 126- bluey heaven
Sold to Kuzen!

KP 127- exotic brown
Sold to Lisha!
(belt included)

KP 128- flashin' white
Sold to Rahainah!