Monday, June 28, 2010


KP 221- gray to work
Sold to Hasnur!

KP 222- lacey blue
Sold to Winnie!

KP 223- samba la viva'
Sold to Julia!

KP 224- avant blues
Sold to Aja!

KP 225- ruffle clara
Sold to Lin!

KP 227- multi mighty greene
RM 32
Fits UK6-UK12
(belt not included)

KP 228- classic pink dots
Sold to Fathiah!

KP 229- brown period
Sold to Aja!

KP 230- green d' vast
Sold to Lin!

KP 231-flirty white kid
Sold to Raihanah!

KP 232- soften blue marie
Sold to Raihanah!