Monday, July 5, 2010

Down the Memory Lane

My..oh my..the longest hiatus i have ever been..1000 apologies for not being updated for a long time people..long story..but just to share to my loyal customers and to cut short, our camera been stolen-morale down..bla,bla,bla,world cup fever,work,vacation,work,weddings..bla,bla,bla,here and there and everywhere..

Anyway,up here we simply put our niece, Marissa's picture because she was with us during the shooting..she loves almost all the tops,dresses and skirts that we have for you in this palette..everytime we changed the clothes,she would pretty like cute..but too bad she's still a kid to wear ladies the pleasure is yours..enjoy our 11th Palette..astalavista..

Yours Truly,