Saturday, November 20, 2010


KP 281-Holy White Theater
Sold to Moi!

*kalerpalette's fav*
KP 282-Jadore Le' Cream
Sold to Grace!

KP 283-Black Birdies
Sold Out!

KP 284-Orange Picnic
RM 36
Fits UK8-UK12

KP 285-Crackin Green
Sold to Aleefa!

KP 286-Corky Black
Sold to Ajaa!

KP 287-Baby Pinkish
Sold to Fish!

KP 288-Belley Brown Button
Sold to Jaa!

KP 289-Black Renderer
Sold to JY!

KP 290-Cut Out Black
Sold to Ezrin!

KP 291-Grey Elley Run
Sold to Ng!

*kalerpalette's fav*
KP 292-Batik Brown Wow
Sold to Najah!

KP 293- Blues of Susannah
Sold to Mimi!

KP 294-Pink Paisely
Sold to Nurayn!

KP 295- Black Pond
Sold Out!