Monday, January 24, 2011


KP 301-Browing Spring
Sold to Izatul!

KP 302-Orient Blue
Sold to Angeline!

KP 303-Black Eleanor
Sold to Kiss!

KP 304-Breeny Brownie
Sold to Izatul!

KP 305-Red-yummy
Sold to Ajaa!

KP 306-Black Charade
Sold to Rahainah!

KP 307-Sunny Blues
Sold to Arfah!

KP 308-Jones Retrotreat
Sold to Ajaa!

KP 309-Mary Pumpkin
Sold to Julia!

KP 310-Purple Savannah
RM 34
Fits UK8-UK14
(belt not included)

KP 311-Bluey Entree
Sold to Raihanah!

KP 312-Funkin' Green
Sold to Julia!

KP 313-Yellow Cushion
Sold to Julia!

KP 314-Basically White Stripes
Sold to Patricia!

KP 315-Black Panther
Sold to Feeqa!