Monday, November 30, 2009


KP 96- cream lady lacey
Sold to Raihanah!
(*ignore the tummy..)

This is actually one of my fav..the color is cream suits to any skin tone..n this piece of precious reviewed by my favourite source of Vintage Line..from The Vintage Affair

The Vintage Affair

KP 97- while in green
Sold to Hazirah!

Are you wild enough for this print? Reviewed by The Vintage Affair..thanks luv

The Vintage Affair

KP 98- stripey bleuy day
Sold to Zura!

KP 99- black fun-tion
Sold to Daisy!

KP 100- bloom flowery lace
Sold to Wen Chin!

KP 101-sweetie pie
Sold to Hasnur!