Tuesday, December 1, 2009


KP 85- lack black stripe
RM 25
Fits UK8-UK10
(belt excluded)

KP 86- mini black polka
Sold to Nadhea!

KP 88- hot checkered
RM 25
Fits UK8-UK10

KP 89- sweet wild black
Sold to Wen Chin!

*looks better if you wear it with vest*
KP 90- yell out brown

Sold to Shaliza!

KP 91- formal greyish
Sold to Shishka!

KP 92- groovy blue
Sold to Juju!

KP 93- deep maroon ruffles
Sold to Shiffa!

KP 95- chillin' whitish
Sold to Ida!